Professor Neil Baldwin – Henry Ford

Nicholas Basbanes - Henry Longfellow

Professor Edward Berenson – Blood Libel USA

Professor Tim Blanning – Frederick the Great

Professor Christopher Catherwood – Winston Churchill

Tom Clavin – Daniel Boone

Candace Fleming – Charles Lindbergh

John Garth - J.R. Tolkien

Professor Steven Gimbel – Albert Einstein

Professor Susan Harris - Mark Twain

Jean Heuts – Walt Whitman 

Professor Robert Iliffe – Isaac Newton

Brian Jay Jones – Dr. Seuss

Professor Thomas Kaufmann - Martin Luther

Professor Edward Larson – Franklin & Washington

Professor Christopher Leahy - John Tyler

Philip Mansel – King Louis XIV

Professor Barksdale Maynard – Woodrow Wilson

Professor Nicholas McDowell – John Milton

Featured historians & topics include:

Professor Rosamond McKitterick – Charlemagne

Marc Morris – King Edward I

Professor Steven Nadler – Menasseh ben Israel

Professor David Nasaw – The Last Million

Professor Andre Porwancher - Alexander Hamilton

Helen Rappaport – Queen Victoria

Joshua Rubenstein – Leon Trotsky

Professor Jonathan Sarna – Abraham Lincoln

Dr. Marc Seifer  - Nikola Tesla

Amity Shlaes – Calvin Coolidge

Professor Robert Slayton – Al Smith

Professor Jonathan Sperber - Karl Marx

David O. Stewart – George Washington

Professor Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger – Maria Teresa

Professor Alan Taylor – Thomas Jefferson

James Traub - Judah Benjamin

Professor Marion Turner – Chaucer

Adam Zamoyski – Napoleon

Professor Andrei Zorin - Leo Tolstoy

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