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In Hitler’s Munich, Jews, The Revolution, And the Rise of Nazism – Professor Michael Brenner 


Chair, Jewish History and Culture, Ludwig Maximillian University of Munich 

Seymour and Lillian Abensohn Chair in Israel Studies, American University  


Selected works: 

  • A Short History of the Jews 

  • In Search of Israel 

  • After the Holocaust: Rebuilding Jewish Lives in Postwar Germany 

  • A Short History of the Jews in Germany Since 1945 

  • Zionism, A Brief History  

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Episode #1

In Hitler’s Munich – Professor Michael Brenner – Intro:

Professor Michael Brenner introduces his groundbreaking work, In Hitler’s Munich – Jews, The Revolution and the Rise of Nazism 

Episode #2

Jews of Munich – Post WW1: 

What was the state of Munich Jewry during the years immediately following the Great War? 

Episode #3

Munich Revolution 1918:

What occurred during the short-lived Munich Revolution of 1918? 

Episode #4

Jewish German Revolutionaries – How Jewish?  

One of the leading Jewish socialist revolutionaries was Kurt Eisner. Did his Jewishness play a role in the revolution?  

Episode #5

Jewish Revolutionaries & Anti-Semitism:

Did the fact that prominent revolutionaries were Jewish engender a rise in anti-Semitism? 

Episode #6

Who were the Ostjuden? 

Germany Jewry was divided between native Germans and immigrants from Eastern Europe. How did that relationship impact on the community at large? 

Episode #7

Anti-Semitism: Munich Post WW1:  

How did anti-Semitism manifest itself in the critical post war years? 

Episode #8

Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch 1923:

How did Hitler’s unsuccessful Beer Hall Putsch of 1923 impact Munich Jewry? 

Episode #9

Jewish Community: Munich versus Berlin:

What were the differences between the Jewish communities of, larger Berlin, versus smaller Munich?              

Episode #10

Why Study Munich Post WW1?  

What lessons can be learned about preserving democracy from the impactful events of post WW1 Munich?  

Full Interview - Professor Michael Brenner

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