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History of Zionism - Rabbi Pinchas Landis

Motivational speaker, author and educator

Attended Ner Israel Rabbinical College, Ohr Sameyach, Yeshiva University and Johns Hopkins University

Director of Jewish Anytime, an online learning platform

Director of Partners Cleveland a non-profit enterprise focused on inspiring the Jewish community

Forthcoming book, Today In Jewish History (Mosaica Press)


Episode #1

History of Zionism - The Old Yishuv

Episode #2

What is the First Aliyah?

Episode #3

Why is Herzl the Father of Zionism?

Episode #4

How Impactful was the First Zionist Congress?

Episode #5

Who Opposed the Zionist Movement?

Episode #6

The Balfour Declaration - Why?


Full Interview - Rabbi Pinchas Landis

Episode #7

Who was Zeev Jabotinsky? What was his impact on Zionism?

Episode #8

David Ben-Gurion - Labor Zionism

Episode #9

Is Zionism Dead?

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