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Blood  Libels - Thomas of Monmouth,

The Life and Passion of William of Norwich - 

Professor Miri Rubin

Professor, Medieval and Early Modern History, Queen Mary, University of London


PhD, University of Cambridge


Areas of study: Social and religious history of Europe between 1100 and 1500, concentrating on the interactions between public rituals, power, and community life


Authored works:


  • Charity and Community in Medieval Cambridge, 

  • Corpus Christi: the Eucharist in Late Medieval Culture,

  • Gentile Tales; the Narrative Assault on Late Medieval Jews,,

  • Mother of God. A History of the Virgin Mary, 

  • Emotion and Devotion. The Meaning of Mary in Medieval Religious Cultures,

  • Very Short Introduction to the Middle Ages,

  • Cities of Strangers. Making Lives in Medieval Europe

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Episode #1

Jews of England - 12th Century?

Episode #2

Norwich Child Murder Accusation – The Facts?

Episode #3

Who Was Thomas of Monmouth?

Episode #4

What is The Life and Passion of William of Norwich?

Episode #5

The Life and Passion of William of Norwich -

What's The Scoop?

Episode #6

The Life and Passion - The Big Lie?

Episode #7

Did Norwich Impact on Future Child Murder Accusations?

Episode #8

From Child Murder Accusation to Blood Libel Murders?

Episode #9

Blood Libels and the Church?

Episode #10

Life & Passion = Protocols of Elders of Zion?

Episode #11

Could A Blood Libel Accusation Happen Today?

Full Interview - Professor Miri Rubin

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