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Mark R. Cheathem – Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson, Southerner

“An excellent book and must-have for anyone with an interest in the

seventh president…Highly recommended.” – CHOICE


Professor, Cumberland University

Award winning author and editor of American history:


Project director, co-editor: Papers of Martin Van Buren, Cumberland University Vise Library


Episode #1

Q: Andrew Jackson – Professor Mark Cheathem:


  • Inspired by professor of Jackson

  • Fascinated by contradictions

  • Support of Union versus State Rights

  • Worked at the Hermitage

Episode #2

Q: What were the early influences that shaped Jackson?


  • Father died when he was born

  • Mother & siblings died when he was young

  • Tried to create his own new family

  • Born in Waxhaws region

  • Witnessed much violence

  • Battles with Native Indians & Revolutionary War

Episode #3

Q: Why is Jackson an “Elite Southern Gentleman?”


  • Image of a populist frontiersman

  • Lived in Charleston, SC and Charlotte, NC

  • Arrives in Nashville at age 21

  • Slave Owner

  • Fights in a duel

  • Hallmark of a Southerner – plantation, slaves

  • Nashville elite were southern Virginians

  • Populism often rhetoric to further ambitions

Episode #4

Q: How does being a Southerner impact Jackson’s Presidency?


  • Policies reflective of white southern men

  • Fought against Native Americans

  • Even during War of 1812

  • Opening up land in west

  • Supporter of slavery

  • Prevents Abolitionist activity

Episode #5

Q: Andrew Jackson: Pro Union or States Rights?


  • Favored extension if slavery

  • Believer in Manifest Destiny

  • But against Nullification in 1832

  • What If: Civil War?

  • Strong Union leanings

  • Strong supporter of slavery

Episode #6

Q:  de Tocqueville: Jackson wins presidency solely by memory of New Orleans


  • Battle of New Orleans 1815

  • British troops more experienced

  • Tremendous victory

  • Propels Jackson onto national stage

  • Leverages 1824 loss to 1828 presidency

  • Claims Adams and Clay robbed the people

Episode #7

Q: Why does Jackson fight against the Bank of USA?


  • Pivotal episode in Jackson’s 2nd term

  • Bank War – fight against corruption

  • Nicholas Biddle, bank head

  • Claim that bank a separate branch of government

  • Jackson extends scope of presidency

  • Senate censors Jackson

Episode #8

Q: Was Jackson familiar with the Bible?


  • Spiritual side to Jackson

  • Knew the Bible

  • Influenced by Presbyterian mother and wife

  • But against public prayer

  • Strong proponent, separation Church and state

Episode #9

Q:  Did Jackson’s religious tolerance extend to non-Christians?


  • Definitely tolerant to all Christians

  • Letter to Ellen Hansan

  • Hard to say regarding non-Christians

  • Religious tolerance based on constitution

Episode #10

Q: What is Jackson’s Legacy?


  • Strong believer on Union

  • Slave owner, land owner

  • Expulsion of Native Americans

  • Populist rhetoric

  • Used by Donald Trump

  • One of the “people”

Episode #11

Q: Did Martin Van Buren follow Jacksonian policies?


  • Generally speaking, yes

  • Van Buren was architect of 1828 election

  • Believer in two party system

  • Implemented removal of Cherokees

  • 2nd Seminole War

  • Supporter of slavery

  • Modified economic policies

Episode #12

Q:  How did Van Buren react to the Damascus Blood Libel?


  • Still putting together Van Buren papers

  • Strong position

  • Instructed Secretary of State

  • Protest to consul


Full Interview - Mark R. Cheathem

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