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Shakespeare & The Jews -
Dr. Sophie Duncan


Research fellow and dean for welfare, Magdalen College, University of Oxford


Academic interests: Early Modern, Victorian and contemporary drama, William Shakespeare

Historical advisor, theatre, radio, and television, BBC, Kiln Theatre, New Vic, Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company

Author of:

Shakespeare’s Women and the Fin de Siècle

Shakespeare’s Props: Memory and Cognition 

Searching for Juliet: The Lives and Deaths of Shakespeare’s First Tragic Heroine


Episode #1

Was Shakespeare Popular During His Lifetime?

Episode #2

What are Shakespeare’s Missing Years?

Episode #3

Did Shakespeare know any Jews?

Episode #4

Who was Roderigo Lopez and was Shakespeare influenced by him?

Episode #5

Was Shakespeare influenced by Marlowe - 
The Jew of Malta?

Episode #6

Merchant of Venice - How anti-Semitic? 

Episode #7

How does Al Pacino's Merchant of Venice tackle

Episode #8

Shakespeare – Where Are Jews Mentioned?

Episode #9

Romeo & Juliet: Is there a “Jewish connection"?

Episode #10

Should Shakespeare Statues Be Torn Down?

Episode #11

Shakespeare – Favorite Play? Favorite Quote?


Full Interview - Dr. Sophie Duncan

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