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Daniel Boone – Tom Clavin

Award Winning Author

New York Times Best Sellers

Selected works:

Blood and Treasure: Daniel Boone and the Fight for America's First Frontier

Dodge City

The DiMaggios

The Heart of Everything That Is

Valley Forge

Wild Bill

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Episode #1

Q: Daniel Boone - Tom Clavin - INTRO


  • Daniel Boone was late comer to our book

  • Looking to cover Native Americans in 1700’s

  • Topic of war against Native Americans

  • In research on frontier, Boone appeared over and over again

  • Portrait of iconic frontier person

Episode #2

Q: What were Boone's early influences?


  • From a Quaker Family

  • Family schism with Quaker from marrying out

  • No hatred for Indians

  • Acceptance of other races & religions

Episode #3

Q: What was Daniel Boone's personality?


  • An adventurer, comfortable with outdoors, frontier

  • Always happy, smiling

  • Indians called him Wide Mouth

  • Devoted, loyal to wife Rebecca & children

  • Trustworthy & loyal friend

  • Curious by nature

Episode #4

Q: Did Boone impact ties with native Americans?


  • Boone was basically apolitical

  • Served as representative from Virginia & North Carolina

  • Attitude towards Native American was the exception

  • Tide was against peaceful relationships

  • Boone respected culture and intelligence of Native Americans

Episode #5

Q: Daniel Boone: Myth vs. Fact


  • As a historian you look for contemporary sources

  • John Filson interviewed Boone during his lifetime

  • Lymond Draper interviewed Boone family members & left his papers

  • Boone did not wear coon skin cap

  • Boone was not tall

  • Boone was not a big Indian fighter

Episode #6

Q: What Were Boone’s Greatest Accomplishments?


  • Navigated the best route thru the Cumberland Gap

  • Millions of Americans trace their ancestry from Cumberland

  • Abraham Lincoln’s grandfather from that area

  • Important role in Revolutionary War

  • Defense of Boonsboro prevented a strong British second front

Episode #7

Q: Has Boone’s Reputation Taken a Hit Recently?


  • Defacing of Statue in 2020

  • Also in Kentucky State Park

  • Boone incorrectly put together with Confederate Memorials

  • Boone was anti-slavery

  • Tolerant and accepting of other religions and races

Episode #8

Q: Why Should Young People Study Daniel Boone?


  • Boone was a great adventurer

  • Had a love for the natural world; environmentalist

  • Wholeness of nature, leaving no waste

  • Enlightened person for his times

  • Acceptance of all types of people

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Full Interview - Tom Clavin

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