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Candace Fleming – Charles Lindbergh


Candace Fleming – The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh


Prolific, award winning author whose works include:


Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart

Ben Franklin’s Almanac: Being a True Account of the Good Gentleman’s Life

Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia

Fatal Throne: The Wives of Henry VIII

Our Eleanor: a Scrapbook Look at Eleanor Roosevelt’s Remarkable Life

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Episode #1

Q: Candance Fleming - Charles Lindbergh - INTRO


  • Wrote books for young people

  • Masters in American History

  • Started with Lindbergh kidnaping

  • Research led to full biography on Lindbergh

Episode #2

Q: What were Lindbergh’s early influences?


  • As a child was constantly told the story of his grandfather

  • Grandfather Lindbergh came to Minnesota from Sweden

  • He lost his left arm in a mill accident

  • Everyone thought he would die

  • He survived, buried his arm & went back to farming

Episode #3

Q: What was Lindbergh's personality?


  • Personality stayed constant over the years

  • Loved machines more than people

  • Emotionally cold

  • Compartmentalized

  • Very exacting

  • No long-term friendships

Episode #4

Q: Why was Lindbergh's solo flight so historic?


  • The solo flight was huge

  • People were searching

  • Lindbergh was the underdog, out of nowhere, hero

  • Showcased American excellence

  • International response, bringing the world together as one

Episode #5

Q: Did Lindbergh influence US Aviation Industry?


  • Hugely influential

  • Brought instant attention to aviation

  • Showed a new way to travel and move things

  • Toured the country to demonstrate that air travel was safe

  • Involved in new airlines including Pan Am

Episode #6

Q: What is the Lindbergh Law?


  • Lindbergh baby kidnapping Summer 1932

  • US Congress passed law

  • Kidnapping now a federal offense – across state lines

  • New section in Department of Justice

  • Snatch racket was prevalent during depression

Episode #7

Q: How did the kidnaping impact Charles & Anne Lindbergh?


  • Deeply affected them

  • Charles blamed the media

  • Soured on USA & democracy

  • Charles remained silent on matter

  • Anne was devastated & it created a wedge in the marriage

Episode #8

Q: Was Lindbergh A Nazi sympathizer?


  • Visited Germany a number of times

  • Impressed by Hitler

  • Lindbergh was a fascist

  • Wanted to move to Berlin

  • Even after war remained entrenched in fascist beliefs

  • Anne Lindbergh write Wave of Future

  • Advocate an American brand of fascism

Episode #9

Q: Was Lindbergh a racist?


  • Views were similar to those of Nazi Germany

  • Advocated eugenics even after World War II

  • Believed in supremacy of white Christians

  • Picked a wife based on specific traits / lineage

  • OK with war against Japan but not with white Germany

Episode #10

Q: What was Lindbergh's relationship with Henry Ford?


  • Not close friends

  • Lindbergh on tour took Ford for a plane ride

  • During WW2, army & aviation sector rejected Lindbergh

  • Henry Ford hired Lindbergh for factory plane production

  • Worked together on America First

Episode #11

Q: What was Lindbergh's 1941 Des Moines Iowa speech?


  • September 1941 speech for America Frist

  • Realized public opinion shifting away from isolationism

  • Called Jews the “others”

  • Blamed Jews for pushing war

  • Claimed war would spark widespread anti-Semitism

  • Strong, negative reaction across the board

Episode #12

Q: Did Lindbergh ever apologize for his anti-Semitic, pro Nazi, opinions?


  • Do not see any retraction or apology

  • Attempt to clean up his record

  • Blamed science & technology

  • Strong anti-United Nations speeches

Episode #13

Q: Why study Lindbergh's life?


  • Cautionary tale for all of us

  • Echoes of past found in 21st century

  • Important  for young people, even if it’s ugly

  • Memory, history, resonates today

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Full Interview - Candace Fleming

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