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Josephus - Professor Ari Mermelstein 


Associate Professor of Bible and Second Temple Literature, Yeshiva University  


Chair of the Department of Bible, Hebrew, and Near Eastern Studies 


Assistant director, YU Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization and the Israeli Supreme Court Project, Cardozo Law School  


PhD in Ancient Jewish History, NYU Department of Hebrew & Judaic Studies  

Law Degree, J.D., NYU Law School 


Selected academic works: 

Power and Emotion in Ancient Judaism: Community and Identity in Formation, finalist for the 2021 National Jewish Book Award  


The Genesis of Beginnings: Creation, Covenant, and Conceptions of Historical Time in Second Temple Judaism  


Episode #1

Was Josephus A Successful Governor & General? 

Episode #2

Was Josephus A Successful Governor & General? 

Episode #3

How does Josephus switch sides, Jewish to Roman?

Episode #4

Was Josephus Roman or Jewish? 

Episode #5

Discover the Writings of Flavius Josephus  

Episode #6

How Reliable and How Important is Josephus?  

Episode #7

What is the Book of Yosippon?

Episode #8

Discover: Josephus on Herod & Masada 


Full Interview - Professor Ari Mermelstein

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