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Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism in England - Anthony Julius 


- Partner and Deputy Chairman, Law Firm of Mishcon de Reya. 

- Chair in Law and Arts, Faculty of Laws, University College London. 

- Previously, visiting professor, Birkbeck, University London,  Department of English and the Humanities.  


High-profile legal cases:  

- Represented Diana, Princess of Wales.  

- Defended historian Deborah Lipstadt; David Irving holocaust denial case.  


Author: T.S. Eliot's Anti-Semitism.

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Episode #1

Q: Trials of the Diaspora: A History of Anti-Semitism England - Intro

A: Renowned attorney and author, Julius Anthony, analyzes four distinct English anti-Semitisms: Medieval, Literary, Modern and Contemporary.

Episode #2

Q: Medieval Anti-Semitism - England

A: The first stage of English Anti-Semitism is marked as: Innovative, Comprehensive and Lethal. It includes the first expulsion of Jews in Europe as well as the first Blood Libel.  

Episode #3

Q: Why was England an Innovator in Anti-Semitism? 

A: An analysis of the reasons why England was the

the first European country to expel  the Jews as well as the site of the first Blood Libel.  

Episode #4

Q: Role of Church – Medieval English Anti-Semitism

A: What role did the Church play in medieval English Anti-Semitism? 

Episode #5

Q: Judeo-Christian Civilization – Historically Valid? 

A: Does the Medieval period validate the contention that there exists a Judeo-Christian civilization? 

Episode #6

Q: English Literary Anti-Semitism 

A: How does the phenomenon of English Literary Anti-Semitism play a major factor in analyzing the history of English Anti-Semitism? 

Episode #7

Q: English Literary Anti-Semitism: Examples & Analysis  

A: Are all literary works with a negative portrayal of Jews necessarily Anti-Semitic?  

Episode #8

Q: Modern English Anti-Semitism  

A: Modern English Anti-Semitism covers a span of hundreds of years, with evolving acceptance combined with certain societal restrictions  

Episode #9

Q: Modern English Anti-Semitism: Disraeli, Rothschild 

A: Did prominent English figures such as Benjamin Disraeli or Lionel Nathan Rothschild face Anti-Semitism? 

Episode #10

Q: Anti-Zionism = Anti-Semitism? 

A: Is contemporary Anti-Zionism, for example, the BDS movement, simply a modern manifestation of Anti-Semitism? 

Episode #11

Q: England: State of Anti-Semitism Today  

A: What Is the state of Anti-Semitism today in England especially after the consequences dealing with the Jeremy Corbyn movement?   

Full Interview - Anthony Julius 

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