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A Heroic Crypto Jew, Luis de Carvajal, 
Professor Ronnie Perelis

B.A. – Bar Ilan University; Ph.D. – New York University 

Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham and Jelena (Rachel) Alcalay Associate Professor of Sephardic Studies, Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University.  

Works on Sephardic history, investigates the dynamics of religious transformation within the context of the crypto-Jewish experience.  



Blood and Faith Family and Identity in the Early Modern Sephardic Atlantic


Episode #1

What Was The Spanish Inquisition?

Episode #2

Spanish Empire & The New World?

Episode #3

Spanish Inquisition – Why Mexico?

Episode #4

Who Was Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva?

Episode #5

Luis de Carvajal – The Younger

Episode #6

Discover the Jewish Religious Anthology of Luis de Carvajal


Full Interview - Professor Ronnie Perelis 

Episode #7

How did Crypto Jews Know About Judaism?

Episode #8

Carvajal’s Religious Anthology – How Jewish?

Episode #9

Luis de Carvajal – Jewish to the End?

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