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History of Kabbalah - Professor Jonathan Dauber


BA, Near Eastern and Judaic studies and history of ideas, Brandeis University


PhD, Jewish mysticism, New York University.


Associate Professor of Jewish Mysticism, Yeshiva University’s Bernard Revel Graduate

School of Jewish Studies


Areas of specialization: various historical stages of Kabbalah, Eastern European Hasidism.



  • Knowledge of God and the Development of Early Kabbalah 

  • Secrecy and Esoteric Writing in Kabbalistic Literature

  • Sefer ha-Bahir: Translation and Commentary  (in progress)


Episode #1

The History of Kabbalah -

Professor Jonathan Dauber

What is Kabbalah?

Episode #2

What is the Zohar?

Episode #3

What are Sefer Yetzira & Sefer HaBahir?

Episode #4

Where do we find Kabbalah in the Talmud?

Episode #5

Kabbalah - Geonic Period / Rishonim?

Episode #6

Mysterious Zohar of Moshe De Leon?

Episode #7

How does Tzfat become The Center of Kabbalah?

Episode #8

The Kabbalah / Hasidic Connection

Episode #9

Kabbalah – Recent Trends

Episode #10

Kabbalah – What are the Sefirot?


Full Interview - Professor Jonathan Dauber

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