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Aleppo Codex - Rabbi Mordechai Becher 


Noted international lecturer and author 

Rabbinic ordination, Chief Rabbinate Israel, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

MA, Medieval Jewish History, Bernard Revel Graduate School 

Lecturer: Gateways, Neve Yerushalym, Darchei Binha, Ohr Sameyach 

Faculty, Jewish History & Philosophy, Yeshiva University  



  • Gateway to Judaism: The What, How, And Why of Jewish Life 

  • After the Return: A Practical Halachic Guide for the Newly Observant 

  • Soul Food: A Summary Of The Laws Of Kosher Food And Explanations Of The Reasons Behind It. 


Episode #1

Aleppo Codex – Rabbi Mordechai Becher – Introduction 

Episode #2

Aleppo Codex- What Is It? 

Episode #3

Aleppo Codex- Who Were the Masoretes? 

Episode #4

Aleppo Codex – The Karaites 

Episode #5

Aleppo Codex – First Crusade 

Episode #6

Aleppo Codex – Maimonides / Rambam 

Episode #7

Aleppo Codex – How Does It Get to Aleppo? 

Episode #8

Aleppo Codex – Umberto Cassuto  

Episode #9

Aleppo Codex – 1947 Aleppo Riots

Episode #10

Aleppo Codex – Leningrad Codex 

Episode #11

Aleppo Codex – Future? 

Episode #12

Aleppo Codex – Why Study? 


Full Interview - Rabbi Mordechai Becher 

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