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COVID-19 Historic Times for the Jewish People

Updated: Mar 7, 2021


During these most trying, difficult, heart wrenching and frightening times, we find the Jewish people in Israel and around the globe continuously exemplifying the G-dly attribute of Chesed: Loving-kindness.

A nation noted for its historically honored description as “the merciful,children of the merciful” has, once again, heroically risen to the occasion.

Who has not been inspired by the brave doctors, nurses paramedics, Hatzalah and MADA members, and myriad of volunteers risking their lives, fighting on the front lines of this frightening virus?

Who has not been moved by ZAKA and the numerous Chevra Kadisha organizations around the world devoted to bringing the dead to a holy and pure Torah burial?

Who has not benefited from the legions of rabbis, educators and websites disseminating Torah insights and words of comfort and inspiration?

Who has not cried in anguish for the Shoah survivors, the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, men, women, neighbors, the old and the not so old, who have succumbed to the vicious and mysterious COVID -19 plague?

Who has not tearfully danced in joy with the brides and grooms starting their marriages with pristine backyard, balcony weddings?

Who has not been touched by the quiet, heroic, devotion of parents to young children as well as children to their isolated elderly parents?

Yet... At the same time is there not a nagging, aching, and unwanted feeling that tugs at us?

One we are hesitant to speak out about; one we barely want to even articulate.

Are we not, as individuals, as communities and as the Chosen people, perhaps, tragically, missing an historic opportunity?

Can we not rise above some of the seemingly pettiness of our past?

Can communities of different stripes and colors not discard existing discord and truly come together?

Can we not play our essential part and historic role as the moral arbitrator of society at large?

Can we not create the Kiddush Hashem towards mankind that our destiny calls for and demands?

We can, we must.

We will.

With a renewed commitment to our tradition.

With principled, determined yet moderate and modest leadership.

With greater appreciation for others, whomever, wherever.

And with our deep faith in the Almighty, the Guiding Hand of History.

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