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Philip II

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

4 years before of the Purim miracle (355 bce) centered in Susa Persia and 229 years prior to the Maccabee Chanukah victory (139 bce) against the mighty Greeks in the Land of Israel, King Philip II (382-336 bce) began his rule of Macedonia.

Philip II, Alexander The Great’s father, placed Macedonia on the global map through political insight, cunning, determination and strategic vision. As a result of Philip's efforts the “backwards” Macedonia, situated just north of the “advanced” Greek city states, overtook Greece. Philip accomplished all this by first consolidating his power base

in Macedonia and then moved on to control of the Hellenic Greek city states.

He was able to succeed as a result of his ability to raise and train an army utilizing innovative

stratagems and techniques. He appointed professional officers and promoted the best of

the best to be his generals and future military leaders.

Philip advanced his interests and ambitions to the point that as he stood poised to deliver

his decisive blow against the Greek city state Athens, the famous Athenian orator

Demosthenes warned: “Have you been paying attention to Philip’s progress? Have you

seen how he has risen from weakness to strength? First he takes Amphipolis, then Pydna,

not to mention Potidaea. After that comes Methone and Thessaly. Then he invades

Thrace, removing the chieftains and replacing them with his own men….

It was a prescient warning but for Athens it was much too little and much too late.

With the most powerful army in the area Philip became the regional superpower.

But only the regional one.

It has been said that: "Philip, Alexander’s father, was a man second only to his son in

ability. He found Macedon a small kingdom, and made it the most important and most

thriving state in Hellas.”

For Philip the real elusive prize, the ultimate goal, was the global superpower bar none,

Persia. Everything done at home, in the Hellenic Mediterranean was in order to get to the

point where he could challenge Persia for world domination.

... Intense mediation and ultimate reconciliation with his father brought Alexander home

and his mission was now squarely back on track. That path was accelerated when King

Philip was assassinated by a heretofore loyal bodyguard. Conspiracy theories rivaling

those of the Kennedy assassination have earned their place in the history books. Many

involve Philip’s estranged wife Olympias and some point to Alexander himself. But

regardless of who was behind the murder the time was now ripe for the prophecies of the

third kingdom detailed in the book of Daniel to begin…

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