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Raoul Wallenberg - Ingrid Carlberg  

  • Investigative and Features Journalist  

  • Swedish daily, Dagens Nyhter 

  • Honorary doctorate, Uppsala University  

  • Member, Swedish Academy  

  • Guest Professor, Journalism, University of Gothenburg 

Selected works 

  • Raoul Wallenberg, The Man Who Saved Thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust 

  • The Pill: A tale of Doctors and Depression 

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Episode #1

Q: Ingrid Carlberg – Raoul Wallenberg – Intro  

A:​ Join Swedish investigative journalist, Ingrid Carlberg, as she works to uncover the unsolved mystery of what happened to Raoul Wallenberg, the man who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews from the Holocaust.  

Episode #2

Q: Raoul Wallenberg – Early Influences? 

A: ​Born into one of Sweden’s most established business families, Raoul Wallenberg, orphaned from his father, was expected to make a career in the family enterprise. Hear more about those early years. 

Episode #3

Q: Raoul Wallenberg – Student in USA

A: ​Raoul Wallenberg’s grandfather sent him to the USA to study in university. Discover how that formative experience helped shape Wallenberg.  

Episode #4

Q: Wallenberg - Palestine 1936

A:​ In 1936 Raoul Wallenberg spent a number of months in Haifa, Palestine.

Discover how that short period of time would impact Wallenberg and his views on Jewish refugees.

Episode #5

Q: Was Raoul Wallenberg a Successful Business Person? 

A: ​Raoul Wallenberg returns to Sweden and begins his career in business. Author Ingrid Carlberg explores his achievements in that arena. 

Episode #6

Q: Nazi Germany – Hungary, 1944 

A: ​Discover what occurred between Germany and Hungry, two Axis “allies”, in March of 1944 and how that change impacted on Raoul Wallenberg’s mission. 

Episode #7

Q: Why Wallenberg / What Was His Mission? 

A: ​The choice of a business person, without any diplomatic experience, begs the questions, why was Raoul Wallenberg chosen? And who actually picked him? 

Episode #8

Q:  Wallenberg – Formula for Success? 

A: ​Only a person with a range of skills and personality traits could have daringly entered war torn Budapest and made an immediate impact. What was Wallenberg’s formula for success? 

Episode #9

Q: Wallenberg – What Were the Protective Passports? 

A: ​While the Swedish delegation in Budapest had issued “certificates” before Wallenberg arrived on the scene, Wallenberg’s protective passports – the Schutz Pass – were more effective. Why? 

Episode #10

Q:  Wallenberg – Eichmann, Arrow Cross, General Malinovsky

A: Raoul Wallenberg interacted with the Germans, Hungarian Arrow Cross and towards the end of the war, with the Russians. What were his goals? 

Episode #11

Q: Wallenberg – Moscow, February 1945

A: ​Raoul Wallenberg formulated a comprehensive plan for post-war Hungary to be presented to the Russians. Instead, Wallenberg is arrested. What happened? 

Episode #12

Q: Wallenberg – Russian Fake News 

A: ​A full throttled Russian disinformation campaign was launched in 1945 aimed at thwarting attempts to discover the whereabouts of Raoul Wallenberg. Why?      

Episode #13

Q: Wallenberg – Evidence of his Fate?

A: How does one unravel the mystery of Wallenberg’s fate amidst the lies that emanated from the Soviet Union together with released documentation? 

Episode #14

Q: Wallenberg – How & When Did He Die? 

A: There are Soviet Union era documents that help piece together possible scenarios regarding Wallenberg’s death. 

Episode #15

Q: Wallenberg – How Many Lives Saved? 

A: Per Anger, Wallenberg’s Swedish colleague in Budapest, credits Wallenberg and his organization with saving up to 100,000 Jews.          

Episode #16

Q: Why Study the Life of Raoul Wallenberg? 

A: The lessons one can learn from the life of Raoul Wallenberg are multi-faceted. How and why does his life resonate and inspire us today? 

Full Interview - Ingrid Carlberg  

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